Welcome to Little Monkey Books

We’re creating ebooks for children, either learning to read or face the challenges of dyslexia. Our books are designed based on phonic reading sounds such as ‘ou’ ‘ee’ ‘ai’ etc.

Little Monkey ebooks use vibrant pictures and text, which gives children the opportunity to read and sound out words with the same pattern. Some of the characters are present in other books, therefore allowing the children to make connections with the books they have read.

These will soon be available in tablet form and provide an interactive medium for children to enjoy reading and listening to.

Our Phonic ebooks

Ben the bee Dawn and Shawn help Henry hawk Cain and Gail like to paint
Scout and Spout play outside Tom the Toad cover art h Sue and Drue
Cooper and Hoops the kangaroos go home Chelsea and Chad the cheeky chicks