Dawn and Shawn help Henry hawk

‘aw’ words

Dawn and Shawn help Henry hawkWhat lovely dogs Dawn and Shawn are. When they see Henry hawk hurt his claw they helped him. They also did some drawing, played on the lawn and a jigsaw.

In 12 easy to read pages and using the phonic sound of ‘aw‘ you can explore the words and sounds of:

  • saw
  • seesaw
  • paws
  • lawn
  • dawn
  • draw
  • crawled
  • hawk
  • awful
  • squawked
  • claw
  • jigsaws
  • awesome






Little Monkey Books are a series of phonic sounds ebooks which are the basis of our communication.

This interactive book Dawn and Shawn help Henry hawk is a great learning experience for children with literacy challenges and aims to enhance the child’s ‘aw’ words. Ask the child to read and when they are challenged with an ‘aw’ word they can touch the word to hear it’s pronunciation then repeat it.

Little Monkey Books have a diverse range of unique interactive readers for other sounds including: ai, air, ee, er, igh, oa, oo, or, ou, oy and many more.