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Melissa Strudwick - Specialise and Qualified Dyslexia tutor AdelaideHi, I’m Melissa,

As a teacher and a parent of two Dyslexic children, my speciality began in the field of dyslexia in 2011, based in Adelaide.  I wanted to really help my children achieve the best they could in their education and life. As a teacher, I knew I had the skills and experience to really make a difference.

Like many parents and teachers, I found there was very little understanding of dyslexia. Firstly, the importance of  identification or in it’s acceptance in mainstream education. This also includes strategies to help children manage dyslexia and develop their literacy skills, while supporting their families.

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With approximately 10% of our society having some form of dyslexia, I became very passionate, as an educator to ensure that quality support, resources and training will be available for all families, teachers and children.

Through the continued experiences and learning with my own children and the many students I have worked with, I understand the importance of helping families with quality strategies for the long term.

Learning is challenging and affects not only the child but the whole family.  I’m here to assist and support all families and schools looking for qualified dyslexia tutoring and teaching in Adelaide. Along with assisting those to understand dyslexia and implementing strategies for learning and growth.

My aim is to provide professional tutoring and teaching to support children with Dyslexia through their journey of learning. As well as, providing information and resources to assist families,  teachers and schools with strategies relating to Dyslexia.

The program

The Hickey Multi-Sensory Literacy Program is recommended by the British Dyslexia Association and the International Dyslexia Association USA and the core of my Dyslexic tutoring and support.

It is a literacy program that focuses on reading, spelling and writing. The program is phonics based and incorporates the spelling and grammar rules associated with English.

It is also an explicit, structured and repetitive program, which helps support children with dyslexia. The program benefits children by continually reinforcing what has been learnt and building on their learning and knowledge. It uses various activities and games to teach, practice and reinforce the knowledge and skills learnt.

My Experience

I have over 20 years teaching experience in varied and diverse educational roles. Throughout my career, I have taught Preschool to Year 7 and have worked in positions in state and Catholic schools in Adelaide, interstate and overseas and across a broad spectrum of socioeconomic environments.

I have also taught Japanese and Education at a University level. I have been a tutor for three years, teaching students with dyslexia and other learning associated with literacy.

My Qualifications

  • BEd (Primary), BEd (Early Childhood)
  • Level 1 and 2 Teaching Students with Dyslexia

My Areas of Expertise 

  • Specialist in dyslexia teaching and tutoring
  • Author of phonic based books
  • Resource development

Tutoring details

Classes are conducted with individuals or pairs.

Tuition is available

  •  Within school hours at the student’s school, in consultation with the Principal and classroom teacher to help support the student
  • School hours at Tranmere
  • Before or after school hours at Tranmere
  • Please contact me regarding tutoring in regional South Australia

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information about Adelaide Dyslexia tutoring or tutoring related to other literacy needs. 

Phone: 0401 959 821

Please visit my Dyslexia Tutoring Adelaide website – Dyslexic Insight

Kind regards
Melissa Strudwick

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