Our Story

We hope you enjoy this website and reading experiences with your children.

We’ve loved creating our Little Monkey ebooks and readers for children, parents and teachers.

These will soon be available in tablet form and provide an interactive medium for children to enjoy reading and listening to.

We also love to see children’s enriched learning experiences with engagement, growth and fun!

I’m a teacher and specialised Dyslexia tutor in Adelaide and Shane is an experienced graphic designer. Together we have many years of experience in our professions. This has been a wonderful opportunity for us to create these resources for our sons, who both have dyslexia, while it’s also assisting thousands of other children to improve their reading potential.

We’ve also designed this font you’re reading called Georgee. It’s enhancing the reading experience and supports print handwriting in our schools.

Follow us on Facebook. Have fun reading; it’s a golden experience!

If you’re looking for Dyslexia Tutoring or teaching in Adelaide or please contact me anytime.

Happy reading, Melissa